About Me, Fall 2022 💪


I’m researching at the Berkeley Sky Lab this semester! I’m working in the intersection of Programming Systems and Artificial Intelligence, and how the two interact with one another. Think: Github Copilot, but better. I’m researching program synthesis under Koushik Sen and Sarah Chasins this semester, and starting to spin up my own project!

More particularly, I work in two dimensions of program synthesis:

  1. Gaurantees of Correctness: How can we generate code that the user can rely on, without having to parse through it themselves?
  2. Better Interfaces for Synthesis: How can we change the way we ask users to specify what they want, to best capture user intent?


This semester, I’m studying about databases, digital circuit design, the history of science, and techniques in program synthesis and testing!


Recommend me a book, come bouldering, play squash or basketball with me, or schedule a jam session with me!

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