Summer 2021 Retrospective

Berkeley, USA
2 minutes

A look at my first series of months when I wasn’t in some sort of school. It was an exciting time to discover myself, read more, experience more, and travel! This summary doesn’t really cover everything I was up to, but it’s still pretty interesting, so read on!

Software Development Intern#

I interned at Salesforce, on the Lightning Data Service team, designing a binding between modern Javascript frameworks and Salesforce’s internal client-side caching and validation tools. It was an excellent experience, and I had a lot of chances to grow as a developer. It was fun to experience industry for the first time!

BEGIN Developer#

I worked as a Web Developer and Marketing Specialist for Berkeley SCET’s Gateway To Innovation Program! Over the summer, we launched our website, and developed connections with individuals in the Berkeley entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Floodgate Outliers#

I participated the Floodgate Outliers program, geared towards creating a community of ambitious college students and professional development. I felt like I found “my people” in this community, and the organizers of this program are some of the most giving individuals I’ve had the honor of meeting in VC.

Previous Abouts#

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