My Great Big 2021 Reading List

Berkeley, USA
2 minutes

Reading Total: 21/52

This year, I decided to read 52 books — a book for every week of the year. Here’s a list of everything that I read.


  • The Myth of the Garage, by Dan Health
  • How To Design and Teach Workshops That Work Every Time, by Rob Fitzpatrick
  • Soonish, by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith
  • Cosmos, by Carl Sagan
  • Daytripper, by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, by Mark Manson
  • Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson
  • The Socrates Express, by Eric Weiner
  • Uncanny Valley, by Anna Weiner
  • A World Without Work, by Daniel Susskind
  • Contagious, by Jonah Berger
  • Learn Enough Command Line, by Michael Hartl
  • No Filter, by Sarah Frier
  • Talent is Overrated, by Geoff Colvin
  • Atomic Habits, by James Clear
  • The Inevitable, by Kevin Kelly
  • Originals, by Adam Grant
  • The Art of Community, by Charles Vog
  • MOOCs by Jonathan Haber
  • The Art of Learning by Joshua Waitzkin
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, by Stephen King

Currently Reading#

  • Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker
  • How I Built This, by Guy Raz
  • The Problems of Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell
  • Infinite Powers, by Steven Strocatz
  • Red, White and Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston

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