Change Log 🪵


9/30/2022 Presented my research into Program Synthesis at the Neo Scholars annual event!

08/28/2022. Presented at HackCon X, MLH’s conference for hackathon organizers. See the presentation at

08/19/2022. Taught the CS workshop at UC Berkeley’s Annual Teaching Conference for Student Instructors. See my workshop here.

08/18/2022. Featured as a panelist on the UC Berkeley’s Teaching Conference for International Student Instructors.

08/14/2022. Interviewed with Build the Future about Cal Hacks and the Berkeley entrepreneurship ecosystem at large. Give it a read!

06/01/2022. Started my summer internship at Vanta. Read about my work here.

05/14/2022. Started as a student researcher in the Sky Lab under Prof. Koushik Sen.


04/17/2022. Ran the Labs initiative at Cal Hacks to bring the craziest community projects on campus to life.

03/24/2022. I was selected by the EECS department to receive the Outstanding GSI Award!

01/24/2022. Started researching under Rohan Bavishi on program synthesis in data science.

10/24/2022. Ran Cal Hacks 8.0!

09/10/2021. Joined the UPE CS Honor Society, Berkeley Chapter.

08/19/2021. Started as a Teaching Assistant for CS61A: Introduction to Computer Science, at UC Berkeley.

06/01/2021. Started my summer internship at Salesforce.

05/21/2021. Received the Jack Larson Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

05/04/2021. Joined the Floodgate Outliers program!

02/24/2021. Ran the Cal Hacks Fellowship Program.

01/24/2021. Started as a facilitator for the Basics of Web Development class at Berkeley.

01/19/2021. Started as a Teaching Assistant for CS61B: Data Structures at UC Berkeley.

09/13/2021. Started as the student manager for Berkeley’s Gateway to Innovation initiative.

08/25/2021. Helped run the Berkeley Student Entrepreneurship Program.

07/13/2021. Helped coordinate Hack Month, at Cal Hacks!