About Me, Summer 2022 💪


This summer, I’m interning at Vanta. Vanta works in security and compliance, with the mission to secure the internet. If you’ve ever gotten the “your password has been compromised” message from chrome, or the “sorry we leaked your data” email, Vanta wants to make that a thing of the past. They also just raised a bunch to bring the vision to life. I’m excited to contribute to that. I’m working on making the process of getting certified more automated and smooth this summer!


I’m also doing research in my free time! I’m working in the intersection of Programming Systems and Artificial Intelligence, and how the two interact with one another. Think: Github Copilot, but better. I’m researching program synthesis under Koushik Sen this semester, and starting to spin up my old project!


Recommend me a book, come bouldering, play squash or basketball with me, or schedule a jam session with me this summer!

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